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Chemical Company focused on optimizing production and reducing LOE costs.

Proprietary industry specific chemicals.

Operator minded approach to cost effectively treat each problem.

All of the chemicals are “green” in nature and are substantially safer than standard alternatives.

About Us

Ba Chemicals was founded in the fall of 2019 by David Pletcher and David Arms. As co-owners of an oil and gas exploration and production company they successfully used chemicals to treat a flowline plugged with barium sulfate scale. This was the first successful use of FQE Barium-Clear in an upstream application.

The founders acquired an exclusive distributorship of the patent pending FQE Barium-Clear and have developed a full service scale solution. Ba Chemicals provides these solutions at a fraction of the cost of conventional remedies.


13120 N MacArthur Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK

 Phone: 405-285-5388 


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